Removing a plugin, but only on frontend Blog, The quest for page speed

Do you have a plugin that is heavy or unneccesary on the frontend?

Use this mu-plugin code to stop this plugin from loading on your website ( it will still be working on your wp-admin backend ! )

This example stops 1 plugin from loading, feel free to adjust the $remove_plugins array according to your needs.

* @author: Ramon Fincken,

// Remove plugins from frontend, this may not work on multisite
function remove_plugins_frontend($plugins)
$remove_plugins = array('simple-add-pages-or-posts/simple_add_pages_or_posts.php');

if(is_array($remove_plugins) && count($remove_plugins) > 0)
foreach($remove_plugins as $del_val)

if(($key = array_search($del_val, $plugins)) !== false) {

return $plugins;

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