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Recently I was called to aid to help a client who's site was hacked by some (semi?-)random bot which was searching for freshly created WordPress sites.

The source of the problem: Whe configuration was all done, with exception of the creation of the first WordPress login user / login account.
This bot has created an "admin" user with an a {at} b(.)com mailaddress and tried to gain access to your site.

Luckly for us, we automate some protection to our WordPress hosting clients, which helped us in denying access to the wp-admin controlpanel due to 2 factor login.

With the knowlegde of this client (and some years of WordPress experience ..) I am able to recover your site from "Hacked By Gl0w!Ng -F! R3" if you are in need of help.

I can offer the following (and more if you want me to do so, including safe WordPress hosting):

  • Full WordPress cleanup
  • Login account for you in WordPress
  • Installation of at least a brute force login plugin and audit log plugin

I can do all the above for a fixed rate of 50 euros or 50 dollars (whichever you prefer).
Pro-tip to fix it right away and save a buck! If you want to spare hiring me: Make a backup, delete the full WordPress root and database, and start over using a fress install from WordPress.org

If you feel that you do not have the time or expertise to do so, let me know by contacting me using this contact form.

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