Solution for Customize Your Community: Error on the profile page shows backend

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I was on the phone with a client recently. She reported that some users of her WordPress website had access to protected custom profile fields.
That was strange behaviour, as I used the Customize Your Community plugin to show the edit/update profile page in the site's layout AND I had coded an if/else to show protected fields.

As this only happened to some users, say 1 out of 20, I dug deeper and stupbled upon this discussion:

The root problem

It turns out that when a user produces an error, say: entering a new password, without entering the very same password (typo) in the confirmation field … the error message is shown using the default wp-admin/profile.php backend url/layout!

Potential solution

Was given by nomatteus over here , yet this is reported (over here) to not work in WordPress 2.8.6 and higher. After some digging it turns out that the $is_profile_page is not acessable.


Warning: this solution involved editing a core WordPress file: wp-admin/user-edit.php . Editing a core WordPress file is never recommended, as it potentially breaks your installation and has to be re-done every time you update WordPress ( tech note: anyone good with patch files ? Please submit one through the contact form ).

Warning: make a file backup of every file you are about to edit!

Note: Presumption: the code

$current_user->has_cap('edit_posts') === false

handles all requests from users that do not have the authorization to edit posts, so normal subscribed users ('subscribe' role). Feel free to change to whatever you like.

Oude pagina urls herschrijven

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Net een WordPress site opgezet en gedag gezegd tegen je oude Content Management Systeem (CMS)?
Gefeliciteerd! Dat was een goede keuze 🙂

Het probleem van bestaande pagina's

Maar wat doen we met eventuele oude urls zoals: en
Die moeten natuurlijk op de een of andere manier omgeschreven worden naar de nieuwe urls: en

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WordPress WPMU full domain mapping

Bekijk WordPress WPMU full domain mapping


Want to have full domains instead of subdomains or subdirectories?

Use this file, overwrite the wp-admin files and adapt (find, replace) the wp-config.php
Edit the ms-edit.php

DIY: // TODO: edit first param: to:email


Thanks to the repo there is a much better way :

Plugin framework

Bekijk Plugin framework


Welcome at the placeholder for the MijnPress plugin framework.
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Standaard Gravityforms formulier

Bekijk Standaard Gravityforms formulier


Ken je dat? Een klant wil een contactformulier op zijn/haar site, en je hebt gekozen voor GravityForms een van de betere, zo niet de beste, contactformulieren voor WordPress.

Maar dan moet je steeds weer opnieuw al die standaard velden aanmaken, wat een gedoe!.
Met het onderstaande XML bestand kun je een reeks standaardvelden importeren in je nieuwe site. Je hebt meteen:
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